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This Golden Bar is easy to operate and with extraordinary performance. Its high frequency vibration massages the face directly, which does well in reducing wrinkles, smooth the skin, and highlights the outline of your face.

More than 7,000 times vibration helps to activate the lymph of your face and facilitate the circulation of blood. This golden bar can solve many skin problems, such as facial dropsy, loose skin, wrinkles, eye bags, melanin and bad complexion.

Besides basic massaging, customers can also use the 24K Golden Bar as a medium for facial care, together with your personal skin care product. It won’t contaminate your skin care product, meanwhile enhances the skin care performance.


24K Gold

Softness and stability of pure gold enables it to be the best option of skin care. The major position of this Golden bar is plated by 24K pure gold. And the thickness of gold plating at the massage T portion outshines other competitor products for over 50%, which offer better endurance and protection.

Surgical 316L Stainless Steel

The entire Golden Bar is lead-free to ensure user safety and environment protection. This is first appeared at the BIKENDO golden bar.

Under the golden plating, the Golden Bar is made by surgical 316L stainless steel. It is poison-free and takes effect in alleviating the aftereffect of nickel sensitivity.

7000 times high frequency vibration

7000 times high frequency vibration improves massaging efficiency and provides a better feeling of softness and comfort.

Water-resistant design

Water-resistant design is convenient for water cleaning, and ensures the hygiene.


這黃金棒產品, 符合歐盟安全認證

相比其他產品沒有認證的, 安全程度高好多


24K Gold

on major position

Over 50%

gold plating than competitors

7000 Times

Per Minute Frequency Vibration

Surgical 316L

Stainless Steel



User Manuals

  • If you feel uncomfortable after using the product, please stop using it immediately.
  • Keep it out of children reach.
  • Do not throw or bump the product.
  • When not using the product for over one month, please take out the AA battery. If the battery is completely consumed, please take it out. In case of battery liquid leaking out, it will ruin the product.
  • The warranty of this product is three years, but not included intended damage.
  • Face-lift and massage by 24K Golden Bar
  • You could change the massage force by holding different position of the Golden Bar.
  • You need to massage in one direction, and don’t move the bar back and force.
  • Don’t move the bar in a high speed. As for particular area of skin needed to be repaired, you could stay there for 10 seconds before move again.
  • After using the bar for essence adding, you’d better cleaning the bar with water before massage.
Remove the end cap by turning it anticlockwise. (The Golden Bar will be turned on for a moment during the process). Withdraw the battery from the tube.
Replace with a new AA battery.
Put back the end cap by turning it clockwise.
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